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Why did I choose UP?

(First soccer game as a Pilot.. orientation weekend!!!) Thank you again for submitting your questions! Recently why I was asked why I chose University of Portland and honestly write a book on why I love UP so much.  Here is just a few of many reasons why I chose UP. During my senior year, I had […]


UP Dorm Life

(Recent post from my wing in Kenna Hall wishing you a Happy Holiday!!) Hello there!! I have gotten a few emails with questions regarding life at UP and what the dorm buildings are like so here is a little breakdown… There are lots of dorm options on campus. I know you may think I am […]


The Day and a Life of a UP Student

My friends and I on the first day of school! You may be wondering… what it is really like to be a student here at the University of Portland? Well not that my day is all that exciting, I thought I would share a day in the life of a UP student. 6:30am  My day […]


The Beginning

(Left: The team on opening day! Right: My fellow Salzburgers who are now RAs too!) Well currently I am sitting on a Washington State Ferry headed to the good ole Olympic Peninsula to visit my grandma. It’s always nice to get away as everything is slow-paced and of course I get to see my family! […]


Junior Year.. Here We Go!

(me (in the middle!!) and my fellow RAs of Kenna Hall) Hello there! If you are new to this blog, my name is McKenzie Strickland and I am a junior at the University of Portland! I am a marketing major and currently live in Kenna Hall where I am an RA (resident assistant)! I am […]


Last One!!!

  (1. Group in Mirabell Garden 2. Konigsee 3. Me in front on Guinness Storehouse 4. Giant’s Causeway) Since I am typing this it means I made it through finals. And actually this year I did not have Ben and Jerry to help me through it so that’s an accomplishment. (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream […]

Ultimate Blog

I graduated! I’m all done! Off into the world of graduate school now. I wish you all the best of luck picking a college or luck with your first year of college. It’s a wonderful experience — especially here at UP! Goodbye! Spem Successus Alit

Answers to Submitted Questions

What’s the ratio of men vs. woman at UP? The official UP Institutional Research website lists the ratio as 59% female to 41% male. Do you recommend bringing a bike to campus? It depends. I have lived on campus over two summers and used my bike both times. It was very helpful to have and […]


Penultimate Blog

Readers, As of the publishing on this blog, there are only 3 more days of class and a week of finals until I am finished with my undergraduate career at UP. Wow! Easter Break came and went which means it is time to grind out the last few remaining papers and tests. Luckily, my 4 […]

Answers to Submitted Questions

Below are answers to questions that have been submitted via our “submit a question” button. It’s anonymous and easy to do, so fire away if you have questions! Will any part of the new rec center be open by the start of the 2014 fall term? Unfortunately, no. They will break ground on the new […]


Decisions, Decisions…

Hello readers! Quite some time has passed since my last post, and much has happened to me in this time. Spring break came and went for UP. And… I have only seventeen more days of class (four more weeks) in addition to one week of final exams. I checked the calendar, and from here on […]

Answers to Submitted Questions

“Which dorm would you consider to be the best for women?”  I know that you might think that I am paid to say this, but I can honestly tell you that there is no bad dorm at UP. Each has its own community and personality and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Shipstad- […]


Spring Tour in Italy and Greece

Hello all! It has been as while since I have posted! Since I last checked in! I was trying to get ready for midterms but that quickly changed after I went to the hospital for 3 days for an organ infection. I rested up until we left for the trip and was trying to gain […]

Answers to Submitted Questions

Thanks for reading and submitting questions as you have them. Please keep sending in questions via the “submit a question” tab up top! It’s anonymous and easy. Do you have to live in Fields/Schoenfeldt to use the workout room? Officially, I believe that you do. In the past they have asked us that live in […]


9 Weeks Left

Hello world, As the title of this post suggests, I now have only 9 week left in my undergraduate career at UP. When the various days off are accounted for, that leaves me with 37 days of class followed by one week of finals. I do not normally count these kinds of things down, but […]


The Big Game, Snowpocalypse, Internships, and Graduate School

Well hello readers, Many different things have happened since my last blog post as one can probably infer from the title. I will try to approach these things in order. As many Americans will do during the first weekend of February, the students of UP gather around the old TV set to take in the […]


A Great Start to a New Year!

(Left: The group on top of the “lady mountain,” (not sure the real name) lookout point over Budapest, Right: The group at Lake Bled) Hey there! I am currently in the middle of one of the most stressful weeks of this year so far. This week is mid-terms and I have 2 tests down 4 […]

Answers to Submitted Questions

For those who have been using the “submit a question” option, we appreciate your input. Here are answers to some of the questions that have been submitted… 1) Are scholarships available? Yes! Accepted students are automatically considered for merit scholarships, but need-based scholarships are also available. Please visit the Financial Aid Office website for more […]


Last Semester of College

Future Pilots, My apologies as I had not written a blog in quite a long time. I will be updating my end of things regularly as the semester goes on because I owe it to you! What has happened since the last time that I wrote? I actually had to check my last blog to […]


Winter Break in Salzburg

          (1. Cliffs of Moher, 2. Alaina, Haley and I at the top of Untersberg, 3. The group at Lake Bled, Slovenia, 4. Me with the classic, red phone booth and Big Ben in London) Hello all! I want you wish you a Happy New Year! May this year bring you […]