Answers to Submitted Questions

Below are answers to questions that have been submitted via our “submit a question” button. It’s anonymous and easy to do, so fire away if you have questions!

Will any part of the new rec center be open by the start of the 2014 fall term?

Unfortunately, no. They will break ground on the new rec. center (<– check out this link!) over the summer almost immediately after graduation as I understand it. Currently, the plan is for it to open in the Fall of 2015. Howard Hall, the current rec. center, will still be open next year. If you are entering school next year, then you will get three years of a brand new rec. center, if you are entering after that, then you will have it for your whole time here at UP. For perspective, my first two years here included the old library. Then, my junior year we were without a library completely. This senior year of mine I have had a wonderful renovated library that was worth the wait. This new rec. center will be worth the wait too. I might even come back just to see it!

Have you found that most of the students go to the religious events held at UP and that through their popularity they’ve become a central community event at the college? Do you become a little bit of an “outsider” if you don’t go to them?

It is tough for me to say exactly how many students go to the religious events here, but it is certainly a good chunk of students. I am sorry that I cannot put a number on it, but it is hard to describe. There are also a good number of students who go to off-campus religious services as well as many students who will never go to a religious event at all. We are a very diverse school in that regard. Approximately half the campus would describe themselves as Catholic. Some religious events like Hall Masses in the dorms are central community events, but no religious event is required here other than three theology courses as part of the Core Curriculum (see that link for more info). There are just as many non-religious events (sports, dances, concerts, plays, destressing events, intramurals, speakers, and much much more) here as they are religious ones (like Mass, retreats, Bible study, and discussions). If you are looking for religious lifestyle here at UP, then we have it. And, if that is not your cup of tea, then you can avoid it. I would not describe myself as highly religious at all, but even I have been to a few Hall Masses for the communal aspects. There is no pressure. You will never be an outsider here. We are too tight-knit a community.