The Big Game, Snowpocalypse, Internships, and Graduate School

Well hello readers,

Many different things have happened since my last blog post as one can probably infer from the title. I will try to approach these things in order.

As many Americans will do during the first weekend of February, the students of UP gather around the old TV set to take in the final football game of the season and the biggest one yet. I learned in my Sports Economics class that “Super Bowl” is a trademarked term by the NFL, so I will refer to it as the “Big Game.” My housemates and I threw a little get-together to watch the game between the Seahawks and Broncos that involved a lot of different foods. For food we had: Skittles, chips, guacamole, Seahawks cupcakes (someone was a fan), more chips, beef meatballs, pork meatballs, chicken wings, cake, buffalo chicken dip, cookies, and celery. It was all very yummy and the food coma that resulted was worthwhile. The game was fun to watch, but spending that time with friends was all the more important to me as I did not care who won that game.


Some sort of snowstorm hit the Portland area that actually caused the most snowfall I have ever seen in Oregon (and I have been living here since 2000). I would say that we had over a foot of snow here. Having just been to Michigan during their big snowstorm it did not seem that bad to me, but I know that it was the most snow a majority of Oregonians and UP students had ever seen in their lives. We actually had a snow day (the first in over a decade I think!) and then a delayed start the next school day. It was awesome, but the celebration was cut short due to the fact that the roads were not very safe for driving. Regardless, many students went sledding with commons trays down the hilly parts of campus. Of course, I engaged in a snowball fight with my girlfriend, which I think that I won. She would not agree with that, though. Snow is my favorite kind of weather phenomenon and it looks very pretty when you find an untouched patch of snow.


And now… the best part! I had applied for an internship with the Portland Timbers earlier this year and I found out that I have been hired for that position! I am very excited to start working for what I consider to be the best soccer franchise in the MLS. My training will occur soon, so I will have to let you all know about that. Then, less than 24 hours later, I found out that I was accepted to my first graduate school! The University of Connecticut was the first school to respond to my application and it was an acceptance. I am very excited by this opportunity. I am a perfect 1/1 on graduate school so far! That period of time was quite an emotional high. I celebrated appropriately and am ready to finish the school year strong. I also have to hear back from at least 4 other schools on my graduate applications.

In addition to my accomplishments, two of my housemates found out on the same day as I did that they are going to become pilots in the U.S. Air Force! Congrats to them.

I am very happy to know now that I have something waiting for me when I graduate, which makes this last semester of college all the sweeter.

Until next time.

Spem Successus Alit