Why did I choose UP?


(First soccer game as a Pilot.. orientation weekend!!!)

Thank you again for submitting your questions!

Recently why I was asked why I chose University of Portland and honestly write a book on why I love UP so much.  Here is just a few of many reasons why I chose UP.

During my senior year, I had been accepted to a few other schools and didn’t commit to UP until May. I just knew the moment I drove on campus that this was the right place for me.
I don’t know if you have visited yet, but it is an absolutely beautiful campus. We are located on a bluff with 3/4 of the campus surrounded by water. In between classes I am also guaranteed to run into someone I know. The campus is big, but small enough where you can always look around see a familiar face. There is definitely a community feel on campus which I really love.
Another thing that sold me about UP was the location. It is located right outside of Portland so you can still have the small campus feel while still being close to a city. Freshmen are not allowed to have cars the first year, but public transportation is pretty easy to figure out and we are close so you can still explore on the weekends.
The class sizes are also small so you never have a class bigger than 40 people. I am usually able to talk to my professors during there office hours and after class, they are always more than willing to help and support you. We got a new library last year which is really nice and they are also building a new rec center that will be open by next fall. Lots of exciting things happening on campus this year!
I could go on forever talking about UP. I can honestly say that coming to UP is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I would strongly urge you to check out the school if this sounds like it is something that fits you. In the end you have to choose where you are happy and see yourself fitting in.
Please let me know if you have anything other questions!
Best of luck in 2015!!
McKenzie Strickland