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Demolition & Construction

Todd Construction spent the summer preparing the building for its renovation with a final asbestos abatement and removal of all non-structural elements. The roof was opened up for a skylight, and space for the new grand entrance facing the Quad was prepared. In August, the construction phase began with seismic upgrades, reroofing, and installation of the entryway terrace. In November, upper level floor extensions were finished and the new stairwell was in place. In January, all exterior glass was installed. Now it is on to finishing the interior work! Photos are grouped by floor or by major feature (e.g., entryway, stairwell, etc.).

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Tyson Storage Collection

Tyson Hall Garage has been transformed into a climate-controlled space for the Library\'s collections. Because it does not meet code for public access, requested items are paged every hour that the library is open and delivered to the Terrace Room for pick up.

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Terrace Room Interim Library

The library\'s public services moved to the Terrace Room. This includes Circulation and Reference services, along with computer workstations and the Multimedia Lab [mLab]. High-use Reference and Theology books (loan period is two hours) are also here.

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Moving Out

After many months of planning and preparing, it took approximately three weeks to move the UP Library\'s operations and collections out of the building. Major partners in making it happen were Physical Plant, Information Services, Public Safety, and Lile Moving Services.

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Two weeks before the move, we designated a wall for goodbye messages. It was so popular that we had to start a second wall! The messages were funny, sweet, and sometimes referred to inside jokes that we probably don\'t want to know about! Overall it was clear the Library as a place was valued despite its well worn facilities.

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