August 16, 2018


Customizable my courses menu

Many users have requested a way to hide and sort their list of courses.  With the new version of Moodle, we have introduced the customizable My Courses Menu.  Users can now hide and sort items within their course list to their heart’s content.  To begin customization of the My Courses Menu, click on the gear icon in the lower right corner to turn on editing mode.
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Video assignment option

Those who would like to include video in their course, as either a resource or assignment, will find many new options for the Fall of 2013.  Faculty can now add a video assignment or resource via the “add an activity or resource” option within each week.
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Add icon

Add Activities and Resources


One of the major changes in our new version of Moodle is the new combined Add an activity or resource button.
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New edit icons

In this new version of Moodle, you will notice that the edit icons to the right of activities and resources have changed. In the previous version of Moodle, you would click on the hand/pencil icon to edit an item’s settings. This has been replaced with a gear icon.
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