August 16, 2018

Customizable my courses menu

Many users have requested a way to hide and sort their list of courses.  With the new version of Moodle, we have introduced the customizable My Courses Menu.  Users can now hide and sort items within their course list to their heart’s content.  To begin customization of the My Courses Menu, click on the gear icon in the lower right corner to turn on editing mode.
edit my courses menu graphic

With editing mode on, you can click on the “eye” icons to the left of any item to hide an individual course or course category. Hidden items will have a strike through appearance. When you have finished hiding items, click on the gear icon again to toggle out of edit mode. Those items will now be hidden from your view.

edit my course menu graphic


You can now click and drag any of your courses or categories to sort them as you please. Begin by clicking the gear icon to turn editing mode back on.

  1. Click and hold on the item you want to move.  You will see a dotted line appear in the available destinations.
  2. Now move the item into the new location and release.
  3. When you are done moving the items into their new locations, click on the gear icon in the lower right to toggle out of edit mode.  As an example below, we moved the Business category (in Figure 1) above the ATS category (in Figure 2).
  4. Click on the gear icon again to turn off editing mode.

Figure 1.

drag to sort graphic 1

Figure 2.

drag to sort graphic 2