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Mar 08

LRC Calendar

Wondering if the LRC is open for practice? You can use the LRC Calendar link under Nursing Resources to view the calendar of events in the LRC.  

Feb 14

Get to know our faculty – September

As a student, I always found it to be helpful to know a bit about those people who show up to class and stand in the front of the room. I just seemed to learn more when I had a connection, however small, with my instructors. I was born and raised here in the NW, …

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Feb 06

Resources for Community Nursing Students

Resources for Community Nursing Students Items available for check out from the LRC: Community Nursing Bags (bp cuffs, first aid supplies, tape measure, pen light) Scales Standiometers (measures height) Infant measuring device Glowgerm kits with black light Vision screening charts Breast self-exam model “Gross Mouth” dental hygiene teaching tool The best way to obtain these …

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Feb 02

Building the E-LRC

I am working to create a one-stop shopping experience for nursing resources. Each nursing course has a Moodle page which provides discrete information for specific classes. Unfortunately, those resources cannot be accessed by everyone at any time. Many of the resources posted for a unique class can be useful in subsequent course work. The E-LRC …

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