Interns for Justice 2015


2012 Report


The Interns for Justice program is an 8-10 week summer service opportunity for University of Portland students.  Throughout the summer, Interns will serve with organizations who work alongside traditionally under served  or marginalized populations. Interns will build deep relationships with the people and communities with which they work, critically examine root causes of poverty and injustice, and intentionally reflect on lived experiences.  

This is an opportunity for students to engage issues of social justice, participate in social change, and to discern possible careers or further engagement in the field.

1. The program kicks off with a basic training and orientation, to occur sometime in the second half of spring semester

2. Students will lead the process of selecting a placement site.  Considerations will include:

  • Population:  Populations have included children and youth, persons with disabilities, individuals experiencing homelessness, older adults, survivors of domestic abuse…  The intern will be deciding with whom they would like to stand in solidarity for the summer.
  • Location: Locations can be anywhere in the world where students are planning to spend their summer.  Please note that the Moreau Center will NOT be subsidizing the cost necessary to travel to a placement location.
  • Service: Successful internships have occurred at social service agencies, community based organizations, NGOs, prisons, hospitals, Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, faith based non-profits, and Post Grad service sites. Students will be directly working with people.

3. Students commit to working 300 hours (approximately 8 -10 weeks) of direct service over the summer months.

4. Students follow a guiding packet which includes the completion of a Learning Agreement, ongoing personal reflection and social analysis, selected readings, 2-3 electronic conversations with peer Interns, mid & end of internship evaluations, and the submission of a final project.

5. The Interns for Justice experience will conclude with a reintegration seminar, to occur some time in the first half of the fall semester.

  • Summer stipend to assist with living expenses  (2015 stipend TBD).  In 2014, the stipend was approximately $1300
  • Moreau Center support throughout your summer internship
  • This is an opportunity for students to put their skills to work, and to discern possible careers or further engagement in the field

  • Application posted on Monday, February 23rd: 2015 IFJ Application
  • Applications will be due by Sunday, March 15th by midnight
  • Interviews will take place the week of March 16th through the 20th
  • Orientation will most likely take place on March 27th, from 4:00-6:00pm

Where does the service take place?
Students can elect to work here in Portland, in their hometown, elsewhere in the States, or in another country.

What kind of work will I be doing?
This will depend on your interests and desires. Students have worked with children and youth, people with disabilities, individuals experiencing homelessness, persons with mental illness, people incarcerated, older adults, and much more! Social service agencies, community based organizations, Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, faith based non-profits-have all served as placement sites in the past.

How will I decide my placement?
During the training/orientation, you will be given some best practices for navigating this process, including the (re)introduction of on campus resources that are available.  You will also meet with a Moreau Center staff person to talk about your hopes for the summer and to decide on an appropriate agency.

Where will I live?
This varies based on the placement.

When would my service begin?
Different sites have different timelines. You will be asked to indicate on your application when you are available to work.

Can I take summer classes and participate?
Portland placements allow students to participate in a summer course. However, it is important to consider your ability to balance coursework with also being fully present to the needs of the community and agency in which you are working. If you are not working in Portland, depending on your start date, you may be able to participate in the first summer session.

What are the requirements of the Interns for Justice program?

Basic Orientation/Training (to occur during the second half of Spring Semester)

Students complete 300 hours of direct service during the summer months

Students follow a summer syllabus which includes:

  • A Learning Agreement
  • Reading selected articles
  • An ongoing component of recorded (think journal/blog) personal reflection and social analysis
  • Mid and End of internship evaluations
  • 2-3 electronic conversations (forum style) with peer interns
  • Submission of a final project

Students participate in a reintegration seminar (to occur during the first half of fall semester)