Interns for Justice 2014

2012 Report


The Interns for Justice program invites University of Portland students to engage in summer service with local community partners serving underserved and marginalized populations throughout the summer. This opportunity is offered to create space for student engagement in social justice and social change and the opportunity to discern possible careers or further engagement in the field.

Interns for Justice stand in solidarity with the poor and marginalized. They build deep relationships with the people and communities in which they work, critically examine root causes of poverty and injustice, and are encouraged to use the lens of faith while reflecting on their experience.



  • Interns for Justice select a population (children and youth, persons with disabilities, individuals experiencing homelessness, older adults, survivors of domestic abuse…) with whom they would like to stand in solidarity with throughout the summer.
  • Students choose the location and placement site—local, domestic, or international. Any of the following, and not limited to, are possible for service sites: Social service agencies, community based organizations, NGOs, prisons, hospitals, Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, faith based non-profits, Post Grad service sites –all have served as placement sites in the past. **The Moreau Center will work with you on securing your site, please note that not all sites are ideal for an IFJ  summer placement.
  • Students commit to working 300 hours (approximately 8 weeks) over the summer months alongside their chosen population and community.
  • Students follow a summer syllabus which includes selected readings, journaling throughout the experience, mid & end of internship evaluations, and the submission of a final paper.



  • $1250-$1500 summer stipend to assist with living expenses
  • Moreau Center support throughout your summer internship



  • Applications were accepted on a rolling basis starting March 26th until all positions were filled.
  • Priority was given to applications received before April 7th, 2014.
  • Interviews took place the 2nd or 3rd week of April 2014.



Where does the service take place?
Students can elect to work here in Portland, in their hometown, elsewhere in the States, or in another country.

What kind of work will I be doing?
This will depend on your interests and desires. Students have worked with children and youth, people with disabilities, individuals experiencing homelessness, persons with mental illness, people incarcerated, older adults, and much more! Social service agencies, community based organizations, Catholic Worker Houses of Hospitality, faith based non-profits-have all served as placement sites in the past.

How will I decide my placement?
You will meet with a Moreau Center staff person to talk about your hopes for the summer and decide on an appropriate agency.

Where will I live?
This varies based on the placement.

When would my service begin?
Different sites have different timelines. You will be asked to indicate on your application when you are available to work.

Can I take summer classes and participate?
Portland placements allow students to participate in a summer course. However, it is important to consider your ability to balance coursework with also being fully present to the needs of the community and agency in which you are working. If you are not working in Portland, depending on your start date, you may be able to participate in the first summer session.

What are the requirements of the Interns for Justice program?

Students complete 300 hours during the summer months.
Students follow a summer syllabus which includes:

  • Reading and reflecting upon selected articles
  • Journaling throughout the experience
  • Mid and End of internship evaluations
  • Submission of a final paper read and reflect on selected readings and submit a final reflection paper

Students participate in 1-2 post-internship discussions with other Interns for Justice.

How do I apply?
Look for the application in the Spring of 2015.

When will I know if I’ve been accepted and where my placement will be?
The next round of interviews and placement decisions will be made the Spring of 2015.