Service Plunge

Welcome to the Service Plunge!

We are excited that you’ve committed to starting your days here on the Bluff with us on the Service Plunge! Not only will you be meeting new friends and even potential classmates, but you will also be immersed into the Portland community through service and volunteer projects.

We will be sending  updates over the course of the summer, and we will be completing the registration process, designing the plunge t-shirts, and communicating with non-profits in the North Portland community that will give us the opportunity to send participants like you out to their sites to be a part of a valuable community service!

Please know that there are also numerous other ways to get involved in service and justice activities through the Moreau Center. Other immersions or service-learning trips happen over each academic break throughout the year, and applications will be available in September. The Moreau Center also employs students who organize monthly volunteer programs for students. There is a Service and Justice Coordinator (SJC) residing in each of the residence halls, and they are responsible for keeping their hall residents informed about programs within the Moreau Center. There is also a Campus Volunteer Coordinator (CVC) who serves as a campus liaison with specific nonprofit agencies in the Portland metro area. You can stop by our office, check out our website, or meet us at the Activities Fair during the first week of classes.

SONY DSCImportant Details:

  • The Service Plunge begins on campus at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, August 19 and ends by 10 a.m. on Thursday, August 21.
  • At the beginning of August we will email you a packing list, information about airport and train pick-ups, and details about dropping off your belongings in your residence hall. *Please note that you will not have access to your room during the trip.
  • Simplicity and solidarity are key values of the Moreau Center and are lived out on the Plunge.  Participants will NOT be staying on campus during the Service Plunge.  You will be sleeping on a concrete gym floor, eating simple meals, and working hard for the community.  Showers will only be available on Wednesday and privacy and personal space will be very limited.  The upside: you will get to experience and serve the North Portland community while getting to know your fellow class-mates very well!  We highly recommend this Plunge, as do hundreds of former participants, despite its simple and rustic accommodations.
  • Special Needs: Please contact us with any special dietary needs or ADA accommodations necessary to allow for your full participation in this event., 503-943-7132

Service Plunge Schedule

Tuesday, August 19th:

  • 10:00 a.m. Plunge check-in on the University campus (Franz Hall).  Drop off resident belongings in the residence hall room (optional). *Please note that this is a brief drop off of resident belongings in the students rooms and not an official time for room set-up.  Residence halls officially open at 9 a.m. on Thursday.  Students will receive their room keys when they return back to campus from the Service Plunge. 
  • 11:30 a.m. Plunge officially begins, Official welcome, Introductions, small group assignments
  • 1:00 p.m. Lunch
  • 2:00 p.m.Large Site Service Project
  • 5:00 p.m. Evening activities
  • 7:00 p.m. Dinner

Wednesday, August 20th:

  • 8:00 a.m. Breakfast
  • 9:30 a.m.  Small Site Service Projects
  • Noon             Lunch
  • 1:30 p.m.  Showers
  • 6:00 p.m. BBQ, reflection, games, and free time

Thursday, August 21st:

  • 8:00 a.m. Breakfast and Morning Activities
  • 10:00 a.m. Return to campus for official residence hall move in/meet parents.  Please note that the orientation schedule can be found at

2013 Service Plunge Video

Last year our large site service project was held at Peninsula Elementary, where we spent the day to preparing the school for the hundreds of kids that would be coming for their first day of classes. Everyone had a job to do, whether it was staying inside to stuff envelopes, rearranging classrooms and painting, or going outside to weed the sidewalks and take out one gigantic blackberry bush. This video was prepared by one of our leaders and was shown to the kids of Peninsula on their first day of school, it will give you a good idea of the kind of work we do on the Service Plunge as well as why we do it!

2013 Service Plunge Video


Leader Bios




Alexa Bryant Capellas

Hobbies: Poetry, apple picking, and Frank Ocean

Campus Involvement: SJC for Kenna Hall for ’13-’14 year, Co-Leader for the Border Immersion this year, and I have gone on the Border Immersion and Civil Rights Immersion.  I also dabble in Campus Ministry, and am the president of the Immigration and Student Action Club

Fun Facts: I have double-jointed elbows



Alexandria Cloud

Hobbies: Soccer, being outdoors, traveling

Campus Involvement: Campus Ministry, Servant Leadership Team, Campus Program Board, Chemistry club, Volunteer & Work through the Moreau Center, Voice for Life, Lab Assistant

Fun Facts: I have eight siblings, the first time I saw the UP campus was on the 2013 Service Plunge



Amelia Barker

Hobbies: golfing, camping, music, and eating ice cream.

Campus Involvement: Community service projects and intramural sports.

Fun Facts: I’m really funny. I tell stories about the super weird things that happen to me and I am an advocate of dance parties. I basically avoid animals but I have a Labrador retriever named Jack who is brilliant. I love cupcakes but hate all types of frosting. I have brown curly hair that often makes me get confused for Sasquatch. I have a love/hate relationship with country music and people often mistake my singing voice for Christina Aguilera’s.



Angela Hudson

Hobbies: Playing Tennis, Reading, Crafting, Hiking, Trail Running, Being Outdoorsy

Campus Involvement: VP of Tennis Club, SJC Corrado, working at tennis center

Fun Facts: Will bake any cookie you can think of.



Austin Frank

Hobbies: I am a crazy soccer fanatic so this summer is a great one for me! I also enjoy playing soccer and any other sports. I like hiking and being outdoors. I enjoy sitting down and listening to and finding music.

Campus Involvement: Freshman year I was involved with FISH, physical therapy club, club soccer, and I volunteered my time in the athletic training room. Sophomore year I spent the whole year abroad through the Salzburg program.

Fun Facts: I have broken my leg, I have started a scarf collection from my time over in Europe, I have been to 14 different countries (none of which border the US), I have drank out of a milk-o-mat, and I own a pair of lederhosen.



Chris Bell

Hobbies: I am the biggest Lord of the Rings Fan! I like to play Ultimate Frisbee

Campus Involvement: I am involved with Campus Ministry events such as Encounter, FISH, Mass; I am also in the premed club

Fun Facts: I speak fluent Spanish and am half Chilean



Christina Pham
Hobbies: TV watching, cooking, movie-going, volunteering!
Campus Involvement: CPB movie-goer, volunteer tutor at RHS Fall 2014, Kenna 2014 Hall Retreat participant and ALD member.
Fun facts: I wan wiggle my ears and I like almond milk more than I like regular milk.


Claire Kenneally

Hobbies: Wall Twerking, Soccer, Yodeling, Being Fabulous

Campus Involvement: Mehling Hall SJC, ASUP Senate, Club Soccer, Student Association of Social Workers VP, Immigration Rights and Policy Club member, Hacienda Tutor.

Fun Facts: I am way too good at dislocating my shoulder. Oh and I am a certified cat whisperer.



Colton Smith

Hobbies: Soccer, Baseball, Wake-Boarding, Skiing, Playing Guitar, Coaching North Portland Soccer Club, AC Portland Raffle Ticket Seller/Soccer Clinic Coach, Dancing… any kind.

Campus Involvement: VMFC, Villa Drum Squad, UP Finance Club, OTM Club, Villa Bible Study Leader, NCAA Tutor

Fun Facts: I can Lick my Elbow (at will), Jump over my own leg (again, at will), and I am questionably good at cheerleading (not at will). Also fellow cat whisperer.



Connor Snashall

Hobbies: Soccer, Music & Smiling

Campus Involvement: Intramurals Sports Coordinator, CRS Campus Coordinator, Special Olympics UP, E-Scholars, Villa Drum Squad Captain, Rock the Bluff Coordinator, UPFC, Encounter Retreat Leader

Fun Facts: I am the oldest of 6 crazy kids!



Elise Christoferson

Hobbies: traveling, outdoor activities, soccer, skiing, golf, piano, spending time with my family and friends

Campus Involvement: service, study abroad, FISH

Fun Facts: I have bungee jumped 350 feet off a bridge at Victoria Falls in Zambia, I have gone helicopter skiing in Alaska with my dad, and I have traveled to over 25 different countries


Jennifer Upchurch

Hobbies: Scrapbooking (When I have the time), Netflixing, Disney, Reading, Sleeping, Swimming, and Traveling

Campus Involvement: Chapel Choir Member, Women’s Chorale Member, Elementary Education Major, future KDP Member.

Fun Facts: I’ve been to Australia 5 times, and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been to Disneyland.




Joe Cahill

Hobbies: I enjoy playing soccer! I love going snowboarding as well! I play a lot of video games! I love watching movies! I really love the outdoors. I have recently started taking up jiu-jitsu!

Campus Involvement: I am involved on campus by living in Villa! Furthermore, I will be 1 of the 5 in Villa’s hall council for next year. I am applying for a position in CPB as a special events coordinator for this upcoming year!

Fun Facts: I love your typical long walks on the beach. I’m training to become the next bachelor. I have pet a cheetah. Nearly all of the previously listed were completely valid.



Joseph Rojo

Hobbies: Swimming, Traveling, Spending time with friends, exploring the Downtown Portland, Listening to Music, Listening to Beyoncé.

Campus Involvement: Current Faith and Formation Ambassador for Shipstad, Campus Ministry (Participated and lead the Freshman Leaven Retreat, participated in the Encounter Retreat, participated in LXG small group), Moreau Center (Participated in Habitat for Humanity: Collegiate Challenge, Took part in the Interns for Justice Program), Senator for CAS, Music Crew for Shipstad Hall and Corrado Hall

Fun Facts: My hair has changed colors 4 time because I use to competitively swim, I’m a 1st generation Mexican-American, and I once danced on a pole on a boat in front of more than 60 people and won a dance contest.



Kimberlee Turner

Hobbies: Traveling, Spanish, Running, Playing Piano, Spending time in nature

Campus Involvement: International House/Club, SLUG Garden

Fun Facts: I love chickens!



Kylie Konrath

Hobbies: I love chemistry, dance, tennis, and volunteering.

Campus Involvement: I am involved in chemistry club, biology club, hall council Alpha Lambda Delta, and campus ministry.  Hopefully I will also be a chemistry lab TA and a hall council co-president this year.

Fun Facts: This year, I will be the Field’s SJC and a leader for the Fields faith retreat.



Melissa Hager

Hobbies: playing the piano and singing, enjoy sprinting, reading, hiking and being outdoors, enjoy doing community service (I have a social justice minor), eventually I want to open a community health education center connected to a hospital that will be focused on providing preventative health care in a holistic manner

Campus Involvement: Freshman Nursing Workshop Leader fall 2013, Peer Mentor spring 2014, Co-President of Fields Hall Council 2013-2014, leader of faith and church services in Fields Hall 2013-2014, participant in Service Plunge 2012 as a freshman, the Urban Immersion, and the Hawaii Immersion, part of FISH group on campus

Fun Facts: I like eating honey on my pizza, swinging on swings, and just having a great time. I am definitely a happy-go-lucky kind of a person and enjoy being a child at heart. Also random, but very true: I love apple juice.


Michael Shively

Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and trying new foods.

Campus Involvement: Spanish club, Intramural sports, and Shipstad hall activities.

Fun Facts: I recently went on a summer study abroad trip in Toledo, Spain.


Paul Steiner

Hobbies: Climbing, Gardening, Backpacking, Knitting, Reading, cooking

Campus Involvement: Service Plunge small group leader 2013, Shipstad hall retreat leader, food justice immersion co-coordinator 2014

Fun Facts: I enjoy getting lost



Peter Sotos

Hobbies: Sports, fishing, Drum Squad, movies, working out

Campus Involvement: Club/Intramural sports, Villa Drum Squad, Villa Hall Council, UP Theatre Program

Fun Facts: Huge Baltimore Orioles fan, I’ve spent my whole life living in Virginia, I’m colorblind, and I love Villa.



Phu Nguyen

Hobbies: I enjoy photography, hiking, hanging out with my brother and trying new things. I love a good cup of coffee and trying different ethnic food.

Campus Involvement: I am a member of the pre-med club and currently work as a reference assistance at the Clark Library. I am also excited to be the Service & Justice Coordinator for Schoenfeldt Hall.

Fun Facts: I am an incoming junior this year, studying biology on a pre-medicine track. I’m the youngest of a big family of 6 siblings. I am an uncle of 5 nephews and 1 niece I am very good at starting a good book and never finishing it. I like rice krispy treats, and the show ‘Suits’, and I have a dog name Panda.



Rumika Suzuki

Hobbies: yoga, running, food (eating and cooking,) movie, reading, exploring the states!

Campus Involvement: I’m Service and Justice Coordinator at Haggerty and Tyson!

Fun Facts: I have the same birthday with Pat Ell.



Sarah Espinosa

Hobbies: I am trying to prepare myself for running a marathon next year, I love playing soccer for fun, I love baking (but I am not the best), I love spending time with my family when I am home (I have a seventeen month old niece who owns my heart), I love camping every summer, and I love spending time with my friends!

Campus Involvement: I work in the events office on campus, I am a part of the business school, I am a part of Kenna’s Hall Council, and this year I will also be helping plan our hall retreat, and this year I will also be Kenna’s SJC!

Fun Facts: My dad and I were chosen to be on the Price is Right! I high fived Landon Donovan (Los Angeles Galaxy soccer player) before a game, I am learning how to salsa dance for fun, I love line dancing (not good at all though), and I am great at beach volleyball (not really but I enjoy it)



Sarah McDonagh

Hobbies: Volunteering, Golf

Campus Involvement: Shipstad SJC, Student Association of Social Workers Officer

Fun Facts: I am travel crazy and always game for midnight road trips. I spend my summers in Ireland with cows as my companions, and some family too I guess. Baking and cooking are my two favorite pastimes, and I’ve had a dream kitchen in mind since I was 10, its quite fabulous if I do say so myself.


Sophie Joughin

Hobbies: I like math (it’s my major), art, baking, hanging out with my Kenna ladies, and of course going to every soccer game – decked out as can be

Campus Involvement: Kenna Hall Council

Fun Facts: I’ve been doing volunteer work for the last 5 years, I’m funny– but almost always unintentionally– I’ve got a killer sweet tooth, I love almost any music, and you’re all probably taller than me (I’m 5 foot nothing)



Stephanie Tucker

Hobbies: Running, Yoga, Hiking, Traveling! I love anything outdoors and country music!

Campus Involvement: Service Plunge!

Fun Facts: Recent Transfer Student, I have had two knee surgeries!



Susie Than

Hobbies: Meeting/getting to know people, being with friends and family, deciding, laying down at work

Campus Involvement: Vietnamese Student Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, Latin Dancing Club

Fun Facts: Living in Portland since birth, HIMYM, Eyes water every time I lay down, except not at work, remembering small things



Tara Egan

Hobbies: I love improv and I do it on campus with the Bluffoons and at Curious Comedy on MLK. I travel as often as possible and I like collecting new stamps in my passport. In Portland, I like bouldering at the Circuit and eating everything everywhere and cooking sometimes. I love cookies. I love cookies so much.

Campus Involvement: I’m the president of Bluffoons Improv troupe this year, and I improv with our competition team called Just Friends. I also play flute in a few ensembles on campus, including the Wind Symphony, the Orchestra, the Flute Ensemble, and the Pep Band. I lived in Mehling for two years, and I did hall council both years, and I was a Community Assistant last year and it was rad. I also did Service Plunge my freshman year and I loved it.

Fun Facts: I can lick my left elbow, and I got frostbite in a play my first year at UP.



Temo Ledua

Hobbies: Playing sports (football, rugby, and basketball), wearing kilts, hanging out, and “picking” my afro.

Campus Involvement: Villa Maria SJC, Villa Maria Drum Squad, ASUP Senator, Service Plunge Coordinator, and International Club member.

Fun Facts: I have a great afro that I love maybe a little too much



Tyler Tennant

Hobbies: Frisbee, Languages, Music, Climbing, Camping

Campus Involvement: Christie SJC, Awesome Guy Club (not a real club… a figment of his imagination)

Fun Facts: Can put both legs behind his head’, Can start a fire from scratch, Opportunistic Arsonist.