Have you seen the new table lamps?!

There’s been an exciting new purchase for the Clark Library! Recently we had sleek, new lamps installed on many of the tables around the library, including inside the study rooms. We’ve had several people asking us how these lamps turn on and off because they’re so minimal. The lights have special LED bulbs that are very energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about turning them off when you leave the table.

If you’re curious about how these cool lamps work, watch the short video clip we’ve put together!

Extended Library Hours


The new hours are posted at the entrance to the library.

card swipe
If you have any issues with swiping into the library after midnight, please contact Public Safety at (503) 943-7161.

Starting this Spring semester, the Clark Library hours have been extended! The library now opens at 7:00 am Monday through Friday. The main and upper floors of the library are available (with a current UP ID card) until 2:00 am on Sunday through Thursday. To gain access to the building between the hours of 12:00 am and 2:00 am, simply swipe your card in the reader to the left of the main double doors. The service desk, reference shelves, and lower level of the library will still close at midnight, so if you need to access the books or check anything out, then make sure you arrive before that time!

Group Study Rooms

One of the most amazing changes between the old library and the new one is the amount of interactive study spaces available. There are a total of 19 study rooms, nine of which have shiny new LCD screens mounted in them.

You can find one study room with a monitor on the lower floor (room 007), all of the study rooms on the main floor have a monitor, and you can find four on the upper floor (rooms 203, 204, 217, and 218).

Group Study Room

The laptop on the right-hand side is plugged into the middle of the desk and is mirrored on the monitor so the group can see it.


Part of the magic of these new interactive study spaces, is that you can hook up your laptop, iPad, or DVD player to the monitors. By simply connecting your device to the appropriate cables provided inside the table and selecting that cable # on the touch screen, you can mirror your screen with the monitor, set-up a dual screen, or watch a movie on a DVD player (available for checkout at the Service desk).

Interactive couch space

Another, more public, interactive space is on the main floor. It has a monitor, with hookups for your device, that you can see from a rather large couch . The back of the couch has chairs with a small desk for even more people to gather around.








These spaces get claimed very quickly, so we suggest reserving them online in advance!

Reserve a study room now!

Cool stuff to look at in the lobby

Book as Art and Statement  Exhibit

Book as Art and Statement Exhibit

Need a mental break or inspiration? Slow down and visit the special exhibit: The Book as Art and Statement. These unique, handmade books will be on display through September.

Page changing in action

Page changing in action

The Clark Library also has a permanent display of the heritage edition of the Saint John’s Bible, which is in the alcove next to the new books. The page on display is changed twice a week. Each time a new page is chosen, a blog post describing the featured illumination is posted so you can keep up. For example, the current page on display is: Garden of Eden / Adam and Eve.