August 16, 2018

Web Tools

  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Photoshop for Web Design
  • Typography for Web Designers
  • Web Design Fundamentals
  • XHTML and HTML Essential Training
  • Google Analytics

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WordPress vs.

  • Anyone can create a site by visiting  These are your sites and not administered by UP.  Students in Communication Studies and Marketing often use to create student sites. is also a great place to create a personal portfolio site.  
  • We do have a WordPress server at UP.  This install of wordpress is used to create microsites at UP.  Faculty or Staff can request a site for a Professional, Portfolio, Course, Organization or Project websites.  We do have some student groups who are using this server for student sites as well.

Adobe CS6

Students can access the Adobe CS6 Masters Collection

  • In the Library Digital Lab
  • On the 5 iMacs in Franz 110
  • On the 9 iMacs in BC 212