A Given Life: Return on Investment

In the 1950s Rev. John Molter, C.S.C. (1905-1960) created a campus botanical garden beside Christie Hall.  Planted with his own hands, working together with students, the wild-flowers gathered representatives from every section of the state.  A zoologist by training, Fr. Molter was a man of science, inspirational in both the lab and classroom.  But in […]


A Given Life: Out of Exile

For those in religious life, their life is not their own and they are often transported to areas or parts of the world where culture and language are not familiar.   Consider the journey of these religious sisters.  The Sisters of Mary of the Presentation were exiled from France in 1901 when an anticlerical government enacted […]


A Given Life: Naming rights

The Cross and Anchors rests at the center of the University seal, the symbol of the Congregation of Holy Cross who were intended for the University from the beginning.  The Seal is fixed to the right hand pillar of the main campus entrance on Willamette Boulevard.  As consecrated religious Holy Cross members live by the […]


A Given Life: Exuberant & Overflowing

A genial and irrepressible Holy Cross priest, Fr. John Delaunay’s life had a tendency to spill-over into the lives of peers and students, and across borders, national and academic.  A consecrated religious and UP professor who was hard to sum up or contain. Fr. Delaunay was born in Paris, educated at the Sorbonne, came to […]


A Given Life: How are they paid?

Holy Cross religious call themselves Educators in the Faith, and are consecrated to their students’ good. At the University’s Centennial, 1901-2001, the Board of Regents offered thanks to the more than four hundred Holy Cross religious who have served on the Bluff throughout that history.  Some were just passing through, on their way to other […]


A Given Life: Organic Chemistry?

Pope Francis has dedicated 2015 as The Year of Consecrated Life.  Many associations flow from the term: one lucid and joyful specification of Consecrated Life widely familiar to our University community is Sister Angela Hoffman, OSB. Professor Hoffman, a sister of St. Benedict, has taught Chemistry at the University since 1989, as full professor from […]


A Given Life: Padre

Pope Francis has dedicated 2015 as The Year of Consecrated Life. Many meanings and associations flow from the term ‘Consecrated Life’, one of the first would be the thought of those men and women who pursue the vocation of religious life as nuns, brothers, monks, priests.  Another association is the way in which a person […]